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The Crop Protection industry is facing unprecedented challenges

Increasing environmental restrictions and pressures, declining innovation and ending of profitable life cycles all reduce funds for innovation and decrease industry sustainability

Improving environmental profile and increasing sustainability is a necessity for the crop protection industry

Increasing regulatory and societal pressure to reduce amount of pesticide applied – dose rate reduction can be the answer

Greater innovation cost and risk limiting new product discovery – potential to re-engineer known chemistry

Patent expiry leading to loss of revenue – new IP can extend patent life

Redag technology can address some of the crop protection industries key needs and create more sustainable solutions for both the environment and for the companies who supply them

By 2025 we will need 1.5 worlds to meet crop demand

Reducing agricultural inefficiency is a global challenge


Reduction in yield is caused by weed competition, diseases and insects


Agrochemicals deliver up to 100% control in a wide range of cultural and environmental conditions

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