Innovative Crop Protection Chemistry for a Global Market

Providing sustainable food production through the development of innovative, highly effective crop protection products


We Address the Need for Innovative Chemistry


Redag Crop addresses declining innovation in the agrochemical sector through the use of world class chemistry

We enable our customers to make a head start in taking novel active ingredients to market, complimenting or avoiding the need for discovery infrastructure

We offer flexibility and value for money to our customers, operating with agility and effectiveness to deliver novel ingredients for onward development 

We currently have a portfolio of assets available for license

How We Do It 

We operate in the early and late phases of the research pipeline, delivering effective and economic crop solutions for companies seeking new active ingredients

We innovate on published patents building on significant discovery investment by other R&D crop protection companies

We operate an agile and efficient platform, speedily commencing work and turning results around to rapidly make project decisions for progressing or ceasing work. 


Safety and sustainability is at the core of our values


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